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Why Organic Farming

True fertilization as advocated by JJ Rodale, noted American Scientist, does not consist of just the mere adding of chemical fertilizer in the soil but rather the maintenance of an ecologically balanced soil. An ecologically balanced soil can sustain a healthy and vigorous life and healthy plants are usually productive and are resistant to the attack of plant diseases.

In the last 10 years and during the challenging time, the organic produce industry has surprisingly been resilient to the recession as shown on the graph below. A dramatic increase from $5Billion to $25 Billion in the last 10 years shows how the consumers are now aware of the health benefits of Organic Produce.

Stats vs Org Practice

This is the perfect time to explore organic farming especially because so many farmers are beginning to realize how it positively affects the soil and there is a market out there for organic product because consumers are now aware of how chemicals affect their health.

Growth of Organic Farming in the USA